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Dr. Sue Weishar is the lead JSRI liaison to Mississippi groups, assisted by other staff as appropriate.

The State of Working Mississippi 2020

The State of Working Mississippi 2020 report released today by the Jesuit Social Research Institute (JSRI) of Loyola University New Orleans paints a rather bleak picture of the social and economic conditions experienced by the men, women and children of Mississippi.

Full Report

Press Release

Just South Index 2019 Mississippi Fact Sheet

The 2019 JustSouth Index report provides policymakers, businesses, nonprofits, and residents a better understanding of how the people of the Gulf South are faring with regard to basic human rights and needs. The Mississippi Fact Sheet can be viewed here.

The Privilege of Plenty: Educational Inequity in Mississippi

The Privilege of Plenty: Educational Inequity in Mississippi analyzes the connections between economic and social factors, educational performance, and educational attainment in Mississippi. It is divided into four periods of life: birth to age four, elementary and secondary education, post-secondary education, and the long-term impacts of educational attainment. This report shows that poverty in Mississippi is the greatest detriment to educational performance. This hinders educational attainment and economic security. Moreover, increasing adult educational attainment improves the overall standard of living. Furthermore, this report also shows that communities of color suffer from a level of poverty that harms educational performance and produces lower adult educational attainment rates. This in turn creates more poverty for the next generation of children starting their own educational journey. It concludes that improving adult education attainment requires providing the necessary resources to educate children and alleviate the effects of poverty upon them. 

Full Report Here

Research of Issues Contributing to Rural Poverty and Poverty Reduction Strategies: Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi

This report, commissioned by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), consists of research and analysis of rural poverty in four southern states (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia). Included are demographic and economic estimates of populations in poverty, poverty trends, issues contributing to poverty, and poverty reduction resources such as church and civil society organizations and economic development and asset-building agencies.

Full Report Here

Appendices Here

Low-Wage Work in Mississippi: Enhancing Opportunities for Families

On behalf of JSRI, Dr. Kathleen Fitzergald studied the needs of low-wage workers in Mississippi, what the state is doing to address these needs, and what additional policies and programs can be implemented to address the myriad unmet needs of this vulnerable population. This report was prepare for OxFam America. 

Low-Wage Work in Mississippi:Enhancing Opportunities for Families Report

The State of Working Mississippi 2016

JSRI released the State of Working Mississippi Report to coincide with the Labor Day holiday. The report examples current and historical data related to wages, labor force participation, job market, education, assets and poverty in Mississippi. It also includes proposed policy solutions related to the findings. Please click HERE for a summary of the report's findings.