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Just South Index 2019 Louisiana Fact Sheet

The 2019 JustSouth Index report provides policymakers, businesses, nonprofits, and residents a better understanding of how the people of the Gulf South are faring with regard to basic human rights and needs. The Louisiana Fact Sheet can be viewed here.

A Composition of Place

During the academic year 2018-2019, at the request of the Jesuit Central and Southern Province, JSRI produced social analysis reports on major apostolic areas of the province in nine city reports entitled A Composition of Place: Dallas, Denver, El Paso, Houston, Kansas City, Mobile, New Orleans, St. Louis, and Tampa. The indicators applied to the city and metro areas were reflective of the three dimensions of the mission of the Society of Jesus highlighted in the work of the 35th and 36th Jesuit General Congregations in 2008 and 2016: reconciliation with God; reconciliation with one another; and reconciliation with creation. This included overall demographics as well as statistics for religious affiliation, attendance at parochial schools, income, race, educational achievement, unemployment, voter registration and voting, health, infant mortality, abortion, and environmental challenges. Discussion questions also were proposed for local conversations among Jesuits and their apostolic colleagues about the implications of these reports for their ministries.

The social analysis reports are available as pdfs by clinking on the links below: 

New Orleans 

Louisiana Teacher Pay Fact Sheet

The Louisiana Teacher Pay Fact Sheet was created as a one sheet infographic to use as a legislative tool. The information was gathered from the report Rich School, Poor School: Education [In]Equity in Louisiana.

Rich School, Poor School: Education [In]Equity in Louisiana

Rich School, Poor School: Education [In]Equity in Louisiana analyzes the connections between economic and social factors, educational performance, and educational attainment in Louisiana. It is divided into four periods of life: birth to age four, elementary and secondary education, post- secondary education, and the long-term impacts of educational attainment.

Hungry at the Banquet: Food Insecurity in Louisiana

Hungry at the Banquet: Food Insecurity in Louisiana: Authored by Kathleen J. Fitzgerald, Ph.D., the report helps us to understand the scope of food insecurity, its causes and its cures, the realities of food deserts, and the nature of food justice.  

SNAP Story Bank Project

SNAP Story Bank Project: Over a six month period, Sakeenah Shabazz , Jeanie Donovan, and Colleen Dulle traveled around Louisiana and spoke with 47 SNAP recipients and coordinators.